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Something for those furry friends of ours

Friends.  Family.  Companions.

For many of us, these are words we use to describe the little (and sometimes not-so-little) fur-balls who relentlessly, unforgivingly and unconditionally improve our morale, moods and love us just for being us-- a larger, awkward-walking playmate and friend.

Pilar and Evan

As some of you may know, I have a good friend named Pilar, who is also clad fully in black.  Pilar came into my life in May 2012, while I was laid up with a broken heel, unable to walk, bored and downright bummed.  Pilar has always been a bit "apprehensive" in her approach towards life, but she's an absolutely brilliant DSP engineer and a miracle worker when it comes to PCB development.  And above all: Pilar is my friend.  No matter what.

She is seen here with our friend and amazing drummer, Evan, in a candid tour-weary moment I captured last time Royal Thunder came through town.

Pilar came from a wonderful, no-kill animal shelter called the Pixie Project.  Some of you may remember that $5 of every purchase made on Black Friday 2013 went towards the Pixie Project, and we, on behalf of the Pixie Project, thank you for your generosity and interest in the Pixie Project and pedals we design and manufacture.

But this Straight Jive entry isn't about Pilar.  No, this is about friends and the Pixie Project and what the Pixie Project does.  See, the Pixie Project is a non-profit organization.

That means they don't make money finding forever homes for the dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, ferrets and all those other animals they rescue, nurse to health, and provide for while simultaneously finding them a caring family to join.



As some of you know, we're releasing a really rad distortion pedal called the ThunderClaw.  With a name like ThunderClaw, it only makes sense to help those who have claws instead of fingernails.

So here's the deal:

Halloween 2014, the ThunderClaw will be available to you, and if you are one of the first 50 people to get one, your purchase's proceeds will go directly to the Pixie Project.  ALL OF IT.

We aren't giving the Pixie Project a portion of those sales, we're giving them EVERYTHING.

Why?  Because the Pixie Project makes the world a better place.  And they do it with no regard to the species or even genus of any party involved in the whole process.  How's that?

You know what's more?  We've set up a few different options for you depending on your financial position.  You can get your very own ThunderClaw for as little as $100, or as much as $400.
While we encourage you to give the Pixie Project as much as you can ($400 is super rad) we recognize that not everyone is ballin outta control, but still wants to help out.  And that's why you have choices.  Just use the drop down menu to select how much you want to donate, checkout as normal and rock hard for your best friend and for the best friends the Pixie Project introduces every single day.


The basics:

  • The proceeds from the first 50 pedals goes directly to the Pixie Project.  100%.  All of it.
  • You pick how much you want to donate.  $100 - $400.  
  • Use the drop down menu to select your donation level.  Every donation gets a ThunderClaw.
  • The ThunderClaw begins shipping Monday November 3rd, 2014.

With all that said, play with your dog.  Pet your cat.  Talk to your bird.  Feed your fish.  Have fun and enjoy life with your friends.
Once you're ready to take a break, get you a new ThunderClaw and spread the friendship you've found with your best friend with someone you don't know.  The Pixie Project does it everyday.

From Mr. Black to you:  play loud and make friends!