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  These two prototypes sound amazing and are certainly NOT for the faint of heart.  Trust that.

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  Using the ultra Mr. Black ninja skills, I was able to snap of this photograph of Pilar's latest PCB. You gotta be quick, she's got the reflexes of a cat!!

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  You think your job is tough?  Shit.  I stopped by Catalinbread today to pick up Nic, and head over to Malekko.  Erik had a pile of Manx Loaghtan Fuzz pedals, all of which needed to be tested.  At volume.  And I don't mean volume.  I mean VOLUME. The boys at Catalinbread don't play.  Well, they play guitar.  And they play ping-pong waaaayyy too much (a regulation table sits in the dead center of the shop), but what I mean to say is they don't mess around.  They make bad ass pedals, and they give a shit that they sound...

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