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  If it makes it to print, its true.

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  What a rig!!  Would you believe me if I told you it sounded amazing?  Well.  It does.

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  Cancer is bullshit, and, the good people at Caroline Guitar Company, located in South Carolina, have organized an incredible benefit for the American Cancer Society.  Head over to eBay.com and punch in STOMPOUT2012 for an incredible list of donations from builders like AnalogMan, Wampler, Catalinbread, VFE Pedals, GearMannDude, EarthQuaker Devices, Mojo Hand FX, Walrus Audio and many, many more! 100% of proceeds to the American Cancer Society.  Buy a pedal.  Its good karma.  And you need good karma.  Trust me. I want to take a personal second to give a shout to my homeboy, and owner of Caroline Guitar...

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