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  The TunnelWorm Invert Limited So goddamned cool we had to do a purple worm.  Looks bitchin huh?  That's why we did it. This special edition pedal is limited to 10 pieces and is available on the TunnelWorm page.  Once they go, they're gone.

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  Mister Black say:  monkey who drink the most rum likely has most fun.

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  Its no secret.  The boys at Catalinbread are our homeboys.  A few days ago I stopped by to see what's new and get my ass handed to me in a ping-pong duel, but before I could serve the second ball, we were doing the do in the analog domain.  Here's a snapshot of the action.  If you don't know Catalinbread, you should.  Shit's gonna get real.

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  I really like laying out PCBs.  Here's something coming down the pipes.

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Well you tell me?

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