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  Mister Black say:  monkey who drink the most rum likely has most fun.

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  Its no secret.  The boys at Catalinbread are our homeboys.  A few days ago I stopped by to see what's new and get my ass handed to me in a ping-pong duel, but before I could serve the second ball, we were doing the do in the analog domain.  Here's a snapshot of the action.  If you don't know Catalinbread, you should.  Shit's gonna get real.

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  I really like laying out PCBs.  Here's something coming down the pipes.

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Well you tell me?

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  The skill of laying out a PCB (printed circuit board) is often thought of as an art.  In fact, IP laws protect the circuit board "artwork" only!  So there.  Now you're a little smarter.  Or at least have some useless trivia embedded into your head. It is pretty isn't it?

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