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art, circuit, IP, PCB, pretty, smart, trivia -

  The skill of laying out a PCB (printed circuit board) is often thought of as an art.  In fact, IP laws protect the circuit board "artwork" only!  So there.  Now you're a little smarter.  Or at least have some useless trivia embedded into your head. It is pretty isn't it?

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every, inside, message, one, pedal, secret, signed -

  Maybe you're hip to the jive already, but sometimes, we slip a little secret message in the pedal.  Remove the backing plate to see what you got!

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3PDT, art, circuit, clean, guts, new, PCB, pedal, pretty, production, reverb, Supermoon -

  The first SuperMoon standing proudly in front of his bretheren.

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3PDT, circuit, PCB, pedal, production, reverb, supermoon -

  Been steadingly grinding. The shop is filling up with SuperMoons. I think this one might be a hit!

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