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3PDT, circuit, PCB, pedal, reverb, Supermoon -

There has been a lot of interest in the SuperMoon! This is a little shot, live from the production line. 

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art, boost, clean, guts, PCB, pedal, pretty -

Here is the guts (working circuitry) of a Boost Tiger. Just because its pretty. 

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boost, clean, just fucking make it louder, PCB, pedal -

  As some of you know, I really enjoy laying out and tracking PCBs (printed circuit boards). While it can be seen as a hassle by lots of engineers, I personally enjoy the process of neatly and efficiently placing components then connected the dots, so the speak. These PCBs arrived today, they are for the Boost Tiger clean booster pedal, which offers up to +21dB clean boost to "Just fucking make it louder!!"

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delay, drawing, new, pedal, schematic -

  Could it be? A compact delay pedal from Mr. Black? Well, no promises on this one, but why are there so many boxes labeled "DLYx" on that paper its sitting on? What is that crazy guy up to?!

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flanger, new, pedal, through-zero, tunnelworm tzf -

Through. Zero. Flanger. That's right. And its in a compact enclosure. How the *#&$ did that happen?

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