Analog Chorus/Vibrato Deluxe

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Designed as an expansion of the extremely-limited and highly-coveted 3-knob Analog Chrorus/Vibrato, the Analog Chorus/Vibrato Deluxe expands upon the incredible sound and fidelity of the Analog Chorus/Vibrato and includes even more options, controls and tones, all quickly, easily and intuitively tuned by the operator.

An all new, extremely precise digitally-controlled pure analog-output tap-tempo LFO offers four distinctive wave-forms (selected by holding the Tap[Wave] foot-switch), and a staggeringly wide range of speeds, displayed in real-time via a dedicated tempo/wave LED.

In conjunction with a full Wet/Dry Mix and traditional Width and Rate controls, the Analog Chorus/Vibrato Deluxe includes controls for both Lag and Shine. These seemingly simple additions allow the Analog Chorus/Vibrato Deluxe to run the gambit of traditional to contemporary, subtle to definitely not-subtle, gentle and soft to bright and highly-present, refined and well-mannered to undomesticated and wild, silky-smooth to nearly violent (and even glitched-out), and all while maintaining a sleek, sexy and stylish exterior. The five control knobs combined with a pure analog-output LFO allow you to effortlessly morph from tight and crisp rack-style studio chorus to loose, dark and murky old-school warm, fluid pitch vibrato, and all shades in between.

At its extremes, the Analog Chorus/Vibrato Deluxe can get downright "useless" and unnatural creating "drunk auto-tune" madness when using the Glitch wave and a slow Rate, bleeping and blooping like a broken computer when using the Square wave and higher Rates, and with more "sane" settings can create smooth and tender pitch vibrato with the Sine wave, and then come right back to where it all began with all knobs at noon running the even-keeled, traditional Triangle wave.

All said and done, this is one HELL of a BBD-modulation pedal, with incredible fidelity, headroom, and dynamic content. Pure, clean and natural are the words that immediately come to mind when describing its tone, however, the Analog Chorus/Vibrato Deluxe can get downright silly when called upon, and that's pretty darned cool.

Manual and Specs below:

Basic Features:

  • 100% pure-analog BBD modulation
  • 100% pure-analog signal path
  • Extremely high-fidelity frequency response:
    • Dry Freq. Response: 22KHz - 15Hz
    • Wet (BBD) Freq. Response: 11.6KHz - 16Hz
  • Very high headroom (18VDC capable)
  • Digitally-controlled true analog-output waveform/modulation
  • Full Wet/Dry mix control
  • Lag control (base BBD-delay: 4mS - 12mS)
  • Shine control (gentle BBD high-freq roll-off)
  • Tap-tempo with dedicated, real-time LED waveform/rate indicator
  • Extremely wide LFO speed range:
    • Rate knob: 16.66Hz - 0.423Hz cycle (60 mS - 2.36S)
    • Up to 0.076Hz (13S) cycle via tap-tempo foot-switch
  • Four true-analog wave-forms (selected via Tap[Wave] foot-switch):
    • Triangle
    • Square
    • Sine
    • Glitch/Random
  • True-Bypass

Basic Tech Specs:

  • Input Impedance: ~500KΩ
  • Output Impedance: ~2KΩ
  • True-Bypass
  • 9VDC - 18VDC 2.1mm negative center-pin power
  • ~62mA Current Draw (≥100mA recommended)