About Mr. Black

The Mr. Black Pedals product line was founded in early 2012 as a special division of Jack Deville LTD.

All circuits and algorithms are designed and engineered in-house, from the ground up, by Jack Deville, and all Mr. Black Pedals are 100% handmade in industrial south-east Portland, Oregon, here in the U.S.A.

All Mr. Black pedals feature exclusively premium-quality electronic components (passives, semiconductors and even solder), top-grade hardware and mechanicals, with intuitive and simple operation, and every pedal is individually built by hand, with care and attention to detail by a small team of wild and crazy cats who just LOVE to play loud.

We take a lot of pride in producing very high-quality pedals, which all boast exceptional build quality, top-shelf parts and materials and best of all: consistent deliverance of their stellar and unique tones. This means Mr. Black Pedals almost never break (even after years of hard road use and abuse).

You can expect a very nice effects pedal when you purchase a Mr. Black Pedal.
Oh, and we also ship super fast, too. :)

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