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SuperMoon Limited MS Edition

Eighteen years ago my mother woke up one morning, just as she had every day in her life prior. However, that particular day was different.

Half of her body was completely paralyzed.

This made her speech difficult, and actually moving nearly impossible.  In the days to follow, she received life changing news and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS); a permanent, degenerative nerve disease.  For more information about MS, please click here.

My mother, as well as my best friend’s mother, and countless other mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grandmothers, grandfathers, teenagers, adults and everywhere in between have given themselves to the pursuit of an actual cure for those not yet diagnosed, via multiple invasive and non-invasive tests, studies, medications and treatments.

At this time, there is no known cure for MS.

And it is a BRUTAL disease.

I’ll spare you the details, but over the last 18 years, I’ve watched my mother’s health oscillate and her physical condition improve and relapse.  She can currently walk well, and live a “normal” life while she is involved in a long term study following a strict regimen of various chemical and physical treatments.  Much of the funding for this research is provided by the National MS Society, a non-profit organization devoted to the pursuit of a cure for MS.

Last year, a close friend of mine asked me if I would sponsor her in a fundraising event for the National MS Society.  Guess what my answer was.

This year, I wanted to do a little more than I was able to last year.

With that said, we have built 100 Special Edition SuperMoon Limited reverb pedals, which are now available for “purchase.”  I place the word “purchase” in quotations because these pedals do not carry a fixed price, and 100% of the proceeds from their sales will be directly donated to the National MS Society via sponsorship of my friend’s fundraiser ride.

Yes.  You read that correctly.

100% of the proceeds are donated.


All of it.

Only you can decide what your budget affords.  While I encourage you to select a higher price point than our standard $179.95, I understand if that’s not within your budget right now.  At the same time, we are not making a dime on this project.  Again, 100% of the proceeds from these 100 units is going directly to the National MS Society.  All of it.


Its quite simple really.


If you could help improve the quality of your, and many other people’s, mother, father, son, daughter, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, friend, co-worker, best friend, or any other relationship that escapes my mind right now, lives:

Would you?


I think you see where I stand on this one.


With all that said, I’ll reiterate the basic facts and bullet points of this limited run.

  • There are only 100 of these special edition SuperMoon Limited reverb pedals available.
  • 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these units will be donated directly to the National MS Society.
  • Contribution levels range from $100.00 to $1,000.00.  Whatever price you select (use the drop down menu) will be rewarded with a pedal.
  • The SuperMoon MS Limited is built on the foundation of our coveted SuperMoon Chrome with additional modulation incorporated into the output of the reverb. If you like the SuperMoon Chrome, you will LOVE this pedal.
  • All sales are FINAL. I’m sure you understand.
  • We stand by our standard warranty on these pedals, just as we do with every pedal we’ve ever made.
  • Again, 100% of the proceeds from this run will be directly donated to the National MS Society.


The National MS Society has improved the lives of countless people across the USA, including my mother and my best friend’s mother.  With any luck, an actual cure will be developed for this curse and someday, people will no longer suffer from the effects of this cruel and terrible disease.


If you are interested in donating directly to my friend’s fundraiser, you can do so here:

If you are interested in donating directly to the National MS Society you can do so here:


I encourage you to stop and hold the door for the next person you see entering a building.  Share your umbrella when it rains.  Buy a homeless guy a sandwich.  Basically, be the best person you can and do the best you can with what you’ve got.  Its really all any of us can do.



This is Jack, owner/designer/whatever of Mr. Black pedals saying:
I hope you enjoy these pedals and the purpose behind them.  Be good to yourself and the next person.


One friend, two "un-inhabitable hosts" and how bad things happen to good people.

We all got our folks.  And you know what, bad shit happens to good folks.  Its just a part of life.  And sometimes, we can help our folks.  So here's the basic deal:

My homeboy Jesse felt ill.  Jesse is like me.  In fact, we joke about it.  Talking about "un-inhabitable host" as in, we take such shitty care of ourselves that even sickness can't live in our toxic systems.
Well, turns out that's not true.

Jesse fell ill a little bit ago.  Not bad.  Just a cold or whatever.  Until he felt fucked up and his godsend of a woman said:  "Jesse, we need to go to the hospital."

So Jesse finds his ass to the hospital.  While he's getting checked in and doing all the paperwork, the illness got the better of him and he seized.  I mean BAD.  So bad that while he seized, his muscled convulsed so badly that his muscles tore his shoulder out of its own socket.  On top of the dislocated shoulder, Jesse actually tore his own rotator cuff during the seizure.  Honestly, I didn't know he was that strong.  Frankly, I don't think Jesse did either.

Well, it gets worse.

During the seizure, like my own system, Jesse's body decided enough is enough and started doing its best to expel the bad shit within.  Meaning, he began vomiting.  But you need to understand.  This isn't the normal puke you may have after a night of heavy drinking.  No. This is me and Jesse Puke.  Like, REAL bad shit.  Like melts plastic type shit.

So, Jesse is in seizure, his already ripped his shoulder out of its socket, and torn his rotator cuff.  Enough right? Hardly man.  My boy inhaled his own plastic-melting toxic barf and as a result got him a serious case of pneumonia.

So rad.  Jack's friend is fucked beyond belief.

Well, luckily, we both live in America.  Where they will gladly help you, then send you a crazy bill with interest.  And when I say crazy, I mean cray-cray-x-ray.  It's fucked.
You probably  have a friend who has had similar situations (albeit with different injuries/illnesses).

Anyhow, some friends here in Portland put together some really cool shit.  Like an entire tattoo shop doing rad tattoos and giving EVERY LAST DIME to Jesse. Because frankly, the shit is ridiculous.

Well, I'm friends with those people.  And those people are my friends.  And one of my friends wanted to do a custom ThunderClaw, just for Jesse.

These are my folks.  You have em too.  Here's the deal:

This 1 of 1 ThunderClaw is now available on eBay. Straight up: $0.99 opening bid, no reserve auction.  EVERY LAST PENNY goes to Jesse.  Its just like that.  Jesse is shipping this thing, ANYWHERE in the world.  And we at Mr. Black are backing it.  100%.  Standard warranty, standard deal, except that it is a special pedal.  Like, this is for my friend.

So, do the thing.

It sounds rad.

It looks radder.

And you know what?  Its for an even radder-er cause.  And that's radder-er.

We all take a turn.  I truly hope when its my time, my friends are there for me as well.  Its really all we can hope for.  That and maybe a breath when we awake tomorrow.

Get stoked.  Get wrecked.  Be good.

From me to you:

Mr. Black saying be good and cherish the breath you just took.  It didn't give you pneumonia.

Auction runs 03.03.2016 - 03.10.2016


Boost Tiger Schematic

At long last!  Our simple, highly-effective, and very powerful full range clean boost, the Boost Tiger (discontinued late 2014), factory schematic is now available for your use, mis-use and enjoyment.

Let's not kid ourselves here, this isn't a particularly "special" or "novel" design; it is however, VERY good at what it is designed to do, and if you look closely, you'll see a few really nice, dare I say "elegant" design practices that can be applied to any number of audio circuits.  So, without further ado, I give you the original Boost Tiger factory schematic.

This circuit and schematic is NOT licensed for commercial use.  Please give cred where cred is due and enjoy life!

Boost Tiger Factory Schematic 

Please note:  we DO NOT have the resources to provide ANY further technical data, support or advice/input on the above schematic.  When built according to the above schematic with quality parts, this is a BANGER of a circuit.  Party on and PLAY FUCKING LOUD!

Mr. Black Friday 2015

Holy-Mackerel-Filled-Canolli with a side of Lobster-Guacamole!!

Mr. Black Friday this year was head over heels, cookoo-gonzo-bonkers-bananas.  That is to say, it was REALLY busy.  Much busier than anticipated.

How much busier?  About 20-times busier.  So busy that our web-hosts and software people actually contacted us to make sure that this was intentional and we were not under some type of cyber-attack.  Good lookin out guys.  :)  Much appreciated.

Lets be real tho, we all saw Terminator, and we all know machines kill PEOPLE, not other machines.  Except the T1000.  We all know that fucker was evil.

Well, it goes without saying that we're a little back-logged as a result.  Like: there are three of us that work here at Jack Deville, designing, building and shipping the Mr. Black pedals, and we would have been busy with a "normal" Mr. Black Friday, but for whatever reason, this Mr. Black Friday was a clean 20x busier than we expected.  No, we're not hiring 57 more people, so we are expecting some delays in shipping everything.  Its not crazy delays, no.  Not hardly.  Probably more like up to 10 - 15 days delay.  Which would be totally rad in a new delay pedal, but this is shipping we're talking about.  And we're sorry about that.  Genuinely.

Don't worry, we WILL ship you whatever you ordered, but it WILL take a little longer than normal.  Why?  We have 20X more orders than we expected.  And that's real talk.

So please, we ask you extend a little patience while we systematically process and ship this literal truck-load (box truck) of orders.  As always, every order is processed in the order in which it was received.

You WILL get whatever you ordered, and you WILL get shipping notice when your order ships (we're honest people running an honest business after-all).  Sometimes, shipping/tracking info goes to the Spam folder, and no, I still don't know why.  Check there if its been two weeks and you still haven't received notice.

If the current state of affairs is a real problem for you, firstly, we apologize.  This was not anticipated.  BUT!  We are glad to accommodate and simply cancel your order and fully refund you (provided your order hasn't been shipped at the time of request).  Please use the Contact page and shoot us a message requesting cancellation, and include your order number.  Also worth noting, cancelling your order cancels whatever slammin Mr. Black Friday deal you got.


From all of us here at Jack Deville and Mr. Black, THANK YOU!  This is totally insane and we appreciate your business and support!

Thank you from Mr. Black and the Pixie Project!

Tremendous news everybody!!

All 50 ThunderClaw pedals for the Pixie Project sold by 10:47pm Oct. 30, 2014!!

This is wonderful news and on behalf of the Pixie Project, we thank you!  We still have to pull reports and push buttons on calculators to determine the total raised, but I have a feeling it will be felt by all involved (and to be involved) with the Pixie Project.

Special thanks to Jesse L. who kicked in at the top level of $400.  Dude, the world needs more people like you.  Next time you're in Portland, beers are on me personally.
But it wasn't just Jesse who opted to donate more than the minimum, and that's really something special.  You know who you are, and we'd like to personally thank you for going above and beyond.

Even the base donation level helps a ton, so don't get it twisted and think we don't appreciate everyone who scrounged together what they had to support the Pixie Project.

Since we sold out so quickly, we've had a few folks as how to donate to the cause.  Well, turns out its really easy.  The Pixie Project has a special donation page and because they are a 501 (C) (3) non-profit, your donation is fully tax deductible.  Click this link and get happy:

We've got a bunch of pedals to ship so you'll have to excuse the quick nature of this Straight Jive entry.

Without further ado, here's some lil QTs the Pixie Project is helping and has helped in the past:
From all of us at Mr. Black and on behalf of the Pixie Project:  THANK YOU!!

Something for those furry friends of ours

Friends.  Family.  Companions.

For many of us, these are words we use to describe the little (and sometimes not-so-little) fur-balls who relentlessly, unforgivingly and unconditionally improve our morale, moods and love us just for being us-- a larger, awkward-walking playmate and friend.

Pilar and Evan

As some of you may know, I have a good friend named Pilar, who is also clad fully in black.  Pilar came into my life in May 2012, while I was laid up with a broken heel, unable to walk, bored and downright bummed.  Pilar has always been a bit "apprehensive" in her approach towards life, but she's an absolutely brilliant DSP engineer and a miracle worker when it comes to PCB development.  And above all: Pilar is my friend.  No matter what.

She is seen here with our friend and amazing drummer, Evan, in a candid tour-weary moment I captured last time Royal Thunder came through town.

Pilar came from a wonderful, no-kill animal shelter called the Pixie Project.  Some of you may remember that $5 of every purchase made on Black Friday 2013 went towards the Pixie Project, and we, on behalf of the Pixie Project, thank you for your generosity and interest in the Pixie Project and pedals we design and manufacture.

But this Straight Jive entry isn't about Pilar.  No, this is about friends and the Pixie Project and what the Pixie Project does.  See, the Pixie Project is a non-profit organization.

That means they don't make money finding forever homes for the dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, ferrets and all those other animals they rescue, nurse to health, and provide for while simultaneously finding them a caring family to join.



As some of you know, we're releasing a really rad distortion pedal called the ThunderClaw.  With a name like ThunderClaw, it only makes sense to help those who have claws instead of fingernails.

So here's the deal:

Halloween 2014, the ThunderClaw will be available to you, and if you are one of the first 50 people to get one, your purchase's proceeds will go directly to the Pixie Project.  ALL OF IT.

We aren't giving the Pixie Project a portion of those sales, we're giving them EVERYTHING.

Why?  Because the Pixie Project makes the world a better place.  And they do it with no regard to the species or even genus of any party involved in the whole process.  How's that?

You know what's more?  We've set up a few different options for you depending on your financial position.  You can get your very own ThunderClaw for as little as $100, or as much as $400.
While we encourage you to give the Pixie Project as much as you can ($400 is super rad) we recognize that not everyone is ballin outta control, but still wants to help out.  And that's why you have choices.  Just use the drop down menu to select how much you want to donate, checkout as normal and rock hard for your best friend and for the best friends the Pixie Project introduces every single day.


The basics:

  • The proceeds from the first 50 pedals goes directly to the Pixie Project.  100%.  All of it.
  • You pick how much you want to donate.  $100 - $400.  
  • Use the drop down menu to select your donation level.  Every donation gets a ThunderClaw.
  • The ThunderClaw begins shipping Monday November 3rd, 2014.

With all that said, play with your dog.  Pet your cat.  Talk to your bird.  Feed your fish.  Have fun and enjoy life with your friends.
Once you're ready to take a break, get you a new ThunderClaw and spread the friendship you've found with your best friend with someone you don't know.  The Pixie Project does it everyday.

From Mr. Black to you:  play loud and make friends!


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