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I'll tell ya what:  the last fucking thing I want to think about is a power supply.  Talk about a glamour-less experience.  The best one you can get doesn't do ANYTHING to your sound.  Nothing at all.  Makes it sound like its not there.  Here I am working my ass off to make shit that changes your tone for the better, and the power supply's job is to make sure it doesn't.  At all.  I should be making power supplies. If you haven't guess it already, this edition of Straight Jive is going to discuss some power supply theory, the...

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Dave in Portland, OR asks: "Using a 1Spot power adapter, how many pedals is too many pedals to chain together on a 1Spot? I am using a 1Spot with an extender and it's powering: Fulltone Choralflange Crybaby wah Jack Deville Dark Echo Line 6 MM-4 modeler (with One-Spot Line 6 adapter) BOSS® TU-2 Tuner BOSS® TR-2 Tremolo Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive Ibanez Tube Screamer My thought is, how can this one power supply work for all of these? Am I risking damaging anything?" Hey Dave! Great question. I'd wager there are a lot of guys out there wondering if this...

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