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Friends.  Family.  Companions. For many of us, these are words we use to describe the little (and sometimes not-so-little) fur-balls who relentlessly, unforgivingly and unconditionally improve our morale, moods and love us just for being us-- a larger, awkward-walking playmate and friend. As some of you may know, I have a good friend named Pilar, who is also clad fully in black.  Pilar came into my life in May 2012, while I was laid up with a broken heel, unable to walk, bored and downright bummed.  Pilar has always been a bit "apprehensive" in her approach towards life, but she's an...

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You remember the '80s, dontcha? Big hair, overstated eye-makeup, leopard print, mountains of blow, cheap groupies, and who could forget the image that has been burned into a minds and psyche (for better or worse):  painted-on hot pink unitards with what looks to be a malformed potato bursting from the nether-regions of the lucky guy who shoe-horned himself into that unitard. Lets not forget one of the most popular (and new for the time) effects of the '80s:  the chorus tone. This edition of Straight Jive will cover a little about the chorus sound, but most of all, we're gonna...

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