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How do I order a pedal?

Why it couldn't be simpler.  Just head over to the Store, pick out the pedal you want and click the Add to Cart button. You can then checkout with PayPal or your preferred payment method and your pedal will ship ASAP.

You'll get an order conformation email shortly after you place your order, and a special email will be sent to you when your pedals ships out.  It will have all the tracking info as well.  JOY!

If something weird happened and you didn't get your tracking info, check your Spam or Junk Mail folder.  For some reason that none of us here at Mr. Black can explain, tracking info sometimes goes to the Spam folder.  Basically, if you're pedal shipped (and you received your order conformation email) tracking info was sent to you as well.  Check that Spam/Junk folder.

How do I know if a pedal is in stock?

Another simple one:  if you can add it to your cart, its in stock.

Can I order a custom pedal or have modifications done to my pedal?

Sadly, no.  We don't have the bandwidth to make one-off pedals or perform modifications of any type.
Modifications to production units VOIDS YOUR WARRANTY.  Keep that in mind before you send your pedal off to that "internet mod guy" who will undoubtedly wreck your pedal.

Its a really a simple mod.  Can you just make this little change for me?

No.  Period.
While we wish we could, we do not do mods of OF ANY TYPE to any of our production units.  While it would be totally rad if we could, we simply wouldn't be able to meet our production demands and build the pedal that you want to have modded.  If you really really just need it this certain way, and its *just a little change*, perhaps you need a different pedal.  :)

What about headroom?  Can I use Mr. Black on my synth/bass/active instrument?

All of our reverb pedals can handle up to a 3V peak-to-peak signal before the onset of clipping.
The Downward Spiral, DoubleChorus, GilaMondo, and TunnelWorm can all handle the same 3V peak-to-peak signal and stay clean.
The Dark Echo can take up to about 4.5V peak-to-peak, and well, the ThunderClaw is SUPPOSED to distort.

While there isn't an established metric for "line level," it typically falls around 1V peak-to-peak.  So unless your synth or guitar/bass is crazy high-output, you should be just fine.

Will you "upgrade" my SuperMoon to the SuperMoon Chrome, or Eterna to the Eterna Gold-Modified?

Would we "upgrade" your GilaMondo to a TunnelWorm?  Change your Boost Tiger to a Treble Booster?  Eh...

In short:  No.  Firstly, this isn't an upgrade but rather an entirely different pedal.  Just as we won't modify your pedal, or replace your Mr. Black pedal with another company's product, we won't gut and replace the internals of your current pedal to a pedal of your choice.  Pretty easy when its put that way, right?

What's is the difference between the SuperMoon Chrome and the SuperMoon Standard?

Basically, a lot.

The SuperMoon Chrome includes the following modifications and tweaks from the SuperMoon Standard:

  • Additional early reverb reflections
  • Brighter reverb voicing
  • Full wet/dry mix control (100% wet capable)
  • Extended decay time
  • Enhanced Sway modulation

Is the SuperMoon Chrome discontinued?

The SuperMoon Chrome was discontinued in October 2014 due to problems with the finish process.  We have been working on a resolution to this.  Sometimes, we are actually able to successfully get a batch good.  It doesn't happen often, but again, we're working on that.  Basically, if you see one, get it.

How come you don't have a "V2" of any pedal?

Well basically, my friend, we do it right the first time!

While declaring a "Version X" is super neato and cool, and "must be better than the Version (X-1)," we don't do things like that.  Instead, we design it right the first time and deliver a damned fine pedal you can count on rather than a pedal that will be "updated" with the "newer better-er version" a few weeks/months/years down the line, leaving you bummed you have a Version 1.

What about a t-shirt?

So you wanna look good too!?  We make it easy.

Feast your eyes on our amazing t-shirts, pick your size and click Add to Cart.  Checkout as usual.  You will find:

  • The opposite sex will seek you out.
  • Your friends will be jealous.
  • Everything around you will glisten from your new awesome aura when wearing one of our shirts.

So how long does shipping take?

Well that's a pretty broad question, don't you think?  Generally, orders are processed the same day they are received and your pedal should ship out within 1 - 2 business days of your order. Sometimes, we can even get em out same day!

Most orders arrive within 2 - 3 business days of shipping notification.

Wanna know more?  Check out the Shipping page.


How do you ship orders?

All orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  Every order includes tracking info via the USPS website.
We cannot make ANY exceptions at this time.

So do you ship internationally?

As of 01.19.2016: We only ship domestically.  Please visit our Retailers Page to find a retailer near you, or contact your local guitar store and urge them to carry Mr. Black!

What is your return policy?

We're a small pedal company. Not a rental agency.  There is a service for that:  stop by and take one for a test-drive if you're a little gun-shy!

If your impulsive habits have gotten the better of you and your Mr. Black pedal just doesn't satiate your sophisticated and discriminating tonal palate, you can return your pedal within seven days of purchase in its original packaging.

Contact us within seven days of purchase using the Contact Form if you have questions or would like to coordinate your return.

NOTE:  A 30% restocking fee applies to all accepted returns.

Please allow up to 7 business days from the arrival date of your package for approval and processing of your return.

Returned pedals must be in "as new" condition. Chips, scratches, stickers, velcro and anything that has changed since the pedal was new voids our return policy, but you can always flip it on the used market.

All apparel sales are FINAL.

How about endorsements?

Hell yeah we do endorsements!

You endorse us with a financial "donation," equal to the cost of the product you wish to endorse, and we'll endorse you with a product! Endorsement forms can be found by clicking the Add to Cart buttons on the product pages.

What about a discount?

Ahh discounts. Everybody wants em.

The best way to keep up on the keepings ups and ups keepings is to join the Black List.  You'll be rubbing shoulders and elbows with the dignified and proud and you'll also be the first to know about exclusive deals, offers and promos. Its a good thing, really.  Oh yeah, and its free too.  How's that for a discount?

Also:  discounts are NEVER retroactive.  Ever.

My pedal doesn't work!  Is it defective? What do I do?

While it is possible something happened during shipping, it is highly unlikely that there is anything wrong with your pedal.  All pedals go through extensive checks/testing procedures during production, again during packaging and one more time before actual shipment.  Trust us, your pedal was thoroughly tested and closely inspected before it left our shop.  It's just how we do things.

If you are having trouble with your pedal, check your battery/power supply (you'd be shocked as to how many times we've had pedals come in with bad/dead batteries), patch cables and amplifier performance.  99.98% of all concerns are related to funky patch cables.  0.019% are dead batteries, and 0.001% are actually internal electrical faults within the pedal.

Still convinced something is wrong?  Check our Warranty page first.

My pedal is noisy.  Is it broken?

No, its not broken.  There are bahgillions of reasons for noise to occur within a guitar signal chain and while our pedals boast really good signal to noise ratios, they aren't 50,000,000:1.  A little hiss is normal, especially if you are running any kind of reverb into any kind of gain. We have observed a dirty AC30 to be the worst culprit.  If your amp has an effects loop, try your pedal there and four days later, after you've recovered from three days of sleep deprivation and bloody finger-tips, we'll thank you for the gushing email.

Do you sell replacement parts?

Turns out we do.  Genuine Mr. Black Replacement Parts are available here.

PLEASE NOTE:  we do not offer ANY technical support for installation, application or use of replacement parts.

And your warranty?

Click here!


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