Shipping, Warranty & Returns

Shipping Info:

All domestic orders are shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service) or UPS, and your choice of USPS Express, UPS Express/Saver or DHL Express Worldwide for all international destinations.

Orders are generally processed the same day that they are received, and usually ship out within 1 - 2 business days, although sometimes we can get even em out same day!

We will always send you an email notifying that your order has shipped, and if tracking is available, it'll have all that info included as well.  :)

We will always recommend selecting USPS Priority Mail for domestic orders. Priority Mail does a really good job balancing time-in-transit vs. freight-cost (Priority Mail is pretty darned fast and while it does cost more than Free, it really is quite a deal for the speed and service you receive), however if quick delivery is of no concern, nothing beats Free Shipping!

Shipping insurance is a great thing to opt for and include with your order. While it is rare, things can happen during transit and losing your pedal to some oddball accident between our shop and your spot is a real drag. Knowing you'll be fully covered in the unlikely event of damage/theft/loss is certainly worth the few bucks it costs.

We currently offer three basic shipping insurance options/tiers:

  • Free Shipping (no insurance)
  • Priority Mail Basic ($100.00USD insurance included)
  • Fully Insured (Available as an option with USPS Priority Mail and automatically included with any domestic UPS option)

If you need Signature Conformation, please email us with a reply to your Order Conformation email and let us know!

Sometimes, spam filters send shipping notices to the junk mail folder.  I wish I knew why, but you may give your junk mail folder a check if a few days have passed since you placed your order and you haven't received your shipping/tracking notice.

Export/International Shipping (Outside the USA):


We offer USPS Express, UPS Express/Saver or DHL Worldwide Express for all international shipments.
International shipping rates are calculated by the courier at the time of checkout, and are displayed for your selection.
Typical time in transit is 3 - 7 business days for USPS Express and UPS, and 1 - 5 business days for DHL.
Sometimes, delivery is even faster!

Tracking is emailed to the email address provided at the time of shipment, and every international order is insured to a minimum of $200.00USD.

Please note:  It can take up to 36 hours for your tracking information to propagate through the online tracking systems and show you exactly where your order is.

To determine if we can ship to your country, simply check to see if your country is listed during the your checkout and shipping process. We make it simple for you. :)

If your country is not listed as an available shipping option, please visit our Retailers page to find a retailer in or near your country.  If your local guitar shop doesn't carry Mr. Black, insist that they do!  We'll all be so much happier.  :)

Warranty Info:

All Mr. Black pedals are guaranteed to be free from manufacturer defect for a minimum of 1 year from the date of purchase for the original purchasing agent ONLY. After that, should they ever malfunction, we can fix em for ya for a nominal bench fee & factory service refreshes your warranty!!

-Please do not attempt to service or repair any Mr. Black pedal which is under warranty. Any service performed outside of our factory will void your warranty!
-Please be careful when purchasing "barely used" pedals from Reverb, eBay, or Craigslist as used pedals are no longer covered by our factory warranty.
-Any modification to a pedal voids our warranty entirely.
-Disassembly of any pedal (excluding battery service/replacement), will void your warranty!
-We cannot service pedals that have been heavily modified (e.g. re-housed, extra switches added, etc.).

All Mini-pedals are sealed at the factory and have no user-serviceable parts inside.
Dissecting, opening up your mini-pedal up, or removing its backing plate will void your warranty!

Items Covered by Warranty

Items Not Covered by Warranty

  • Circuit
  • Internal PCB Assembly
  • LED
  • Footswitch
  • Pots
  • Paint/Finish
  • Silkscreen/Graphics
  • Control Knobs
  • Screws
  • Enclosure
Please review the following bullet points before requesting warranty service to be sure there isn't something obvious that was overlooked causing a problem.  If so, it's okay.  It happens to the best of us!

Troubleshooting and things to check first:

  • If you choose to use a battery, is there a FRESH, BRAND-NEW 9V battery in the pedal?
    We recommend Duracell brand 9V batteries for optimum performance. For most of our pedals, expect about 150 minutes of operation from a brand-new quality 9V battery.
  • If powered by a power supply, is the power supply a 2.1mm REGULATED 9VDC power supply with a negative center pin capable of delivering at least 100mA?
  • Have you tried a different/new power cable or outlet on your power supply?
  • Have you tried a very simple effects chain (e.g. guitar --> pedal --> amp)?
  • Have you tried swapping out cables?
  • Have you tried a different guitar/amplifier?
  • Have you tried a different physical location/building?
If you are still experiencing a concern, please use the contact form and let us know what's going on. We'll get back to you ASAP and if warranty service is required, we'll take care of you and get your pedal back in top-top shape before you know its even gone!
Typical warranty service time is 1 - 2 days, sometimes even same day.

Return Info:

We're a small pedal company, not a rental agency.

We are not a**holes though, and if your Mr. Black pedal just won't work for you, you can return your pedal within seven days of purchase/delivery in its original packaging for a refund.  Please read below:

  • Due to many factors, a flat $25.00 restocking fee applies to each returned item.
  • Shipping charges are non-refundable.
  • Returned items must have been purchased from directly from us, and must have been delivered within the previous seven days.
  • Returned items must be in "As-New" condition! Chips, scratches, stickers, applied velcro, missing knobs or anything that has changed since the pedal was brand new voids our return policy, but you can always flip it on the used market.
  • Returned items must be in returned in their original, undamaged packaging, and must include all "case candy" (stickers, business cards, manuals, original shipping bag, etc.)
  • An RMA# will be issued and must be referenced with return paperwork.
  • All special editions, B-stock and clearance/sale item sales are FINAL!

Please contact us within seven days of purchase/delivery using the Contact Form if you have questions or would like to coordinate your return.

An RMA# must be issued to complete your return & a flat $25.00 restocking fee applies to each returned item.

Please allow up to 7 business days from the arrival date of your package for approval and processing of your return, although it usually only takes a day or two.  Depending on method of payment, your refund will arrive in your account in 1 - 5 business days.