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Eighteen years ago my mother woke up one morning, just as she had every day in her life prior. However, that particular day was different. Half of her body was completely paralyzed. This made her speech difficult, and actually moving nearly impossible.  In the days to follow, she received life changing news and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS); a permanent, degenerative nerve disease.  For more information about MS, please click here. My mother, as well as my best friend’s mother, and countless other mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grandmothers, grandfathers, teenagers, adults and everywhere in between have given themselves to...

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You remember the '80s, dontcha? Big hair, overstated eye-makeup, leopard print, mountains of blow, cheap groupies, and who could forget the image that has been burned into a minds and psyche (for better or worse):  painted-on hot pink unitards with what looks to be a malformed potato bursting from the nether-regions of the lucky guy who shoe-horned himself into that unitard. Lets not forget one of the most popular (and new for the time) effects of the '80s:  the chorus tone. This edition of Straight Jive will cover a little about the chorus sound, but most of all, we're gonna...

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