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This is amazing! The response to the Special Edition Testicular Cancer Awareness Eterna was incredible and we sold out of pedals in just over 25 hours! I'd like to make a personal thank you to every supporter of the cause.  As a result of your support, good vibes and donations, we will be able to put a significant dent into Justin's medical bills. Many people opted to pitch in significantly over the $100 base price and everyone's generosity will be felt for a lifetime. I am beside myself and truly a proud friend and business owner.  To think just three...

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In July 2012, I received some troubling news from a close friend of mine:  My friend, Justin Brown, was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Justin and I have been friends for five years.  During that time we have played numerous shows together, jammed late into the night together, built pedals at Jack Deville Electronics together, and developed and nurtured quite a friendship.  As Justin explained the situation, all I could think about was how I could help my friend get through a really tough time in life, as he has done for me and how friends do for one another, time and...

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 I've been there before.  You know the situation. The band is groovin.  Shit is in the pocket.  The song is about to hit and the guitar drops out for a half measure.  In preparation, you stomp your favorite pedal and its deafening:  TTTTHHHHUUUMMMPPPP!! WTF!!?? In today's edition of Straight Jive, we'll be discussing "switch pop" and the causes, sources, and solutions to the hassle of mechanical-bypass, often mis-marketed as true-bypass. Lets get things started by clarifying some of the mis-information and bullshit floating around out there regarding mechanical bypass systems.  I don't use the word "systems" lightly either.  Every bypass...

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