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 Just Nick made an incredible PSA video inspired by his TCA Eterna pedal. Be you a dude, chica, janitor, or otherwise unspecified you undoubtedly know someone who is a dude.  Watch this video and forward it to every dude you know.  Its for your health, and your health is good.  There for, it is for your good.  DIG!? Also, take a second to reach out and thank Nick for this act of kindness and compassion.  He's a good cat, and he's got balls so to speak.  If it wasn't already clear enough.

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I gotta start this edition of Straight Jive with a thick, veiny THANK YOU to everyone involved in the TCA Eterna Project.  Friends are an amazing byproduct of human existence, and this project would have remained a kind notion if it weren't for the incredible concept of friendship and the subsequent friends that are the result of the concept.  You know who you are.  And now, lots of other people will know who you are also. If you were one of the generous folks to contributed to the project and wound up with a neat little pedal, I wanna give...

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