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Day 1 ----------- 9:02 a.m. - Kirk arrives at Jack's house and is happy to find that he has recovered from the malaria he was suffering from the previous two days.   930 a.m. - We pick up Justin and quickly hit the road. Music Choice: Big Business - Here Come The Waterworks   10:13 a.m. - We stop for coffee at a drive-thru Starbucks. Justin says "fuck starbucks" and we promptly drive him to a drive-thru Dutch Bros. We talk about the tattoo artist who has the dick tattoo market locked down. Not tattooing on a dick...but tattooing dicks...

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 We've been working with our good friends at Blakemore Effects on a fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  We've donated one of every pedal we make, including the SuperMoon, TunnelWorm, Eterna, DoubleChorus and the Boost Tiger! To make it easy on  ya, we made a video.  Dig it, and visit Circuits to Cure Cancer to learn more about who's who, what's what, and just how you can do yo thang:

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