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Man oh man.  To say I've got something for you that may change your perspectives and make you think twice about how you plan and execute your pedal-board would not do this article justice. I've got a lot to say here, and I'll do my best to keep it as concise and direct as possible; with that said: I am CERTAIN some people are not gonna like what they read here. FUCK IT.  I've never been one to "go with the flow," and I have always caused trouble, wherever I am.  I believe this article is gonna ruffle some feathers,...

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This is amazing! The response to the Special Edition Testicular Cancer Awareness Eterna was incredible and we sold out of pedals in just over 25 hours! I'd like to make a personal thank you to every supporter of the cause.  As a result of your support, good vibes and donations, we will be able to put a significant dent into Justin's medical bills. Many people opted to pitch in significantly over the $100 base price and everyone's generosity will be felt for a lifetime. I am beside myself and truly a proud friend and business owner.  To think just three...

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 I've been there before.  You know the situation. The band is groovin.  Shit is in the pocket.  The song is about to hit and the guitar drops out for a half measure.  In preparation, you stomp your favorite pedal and its deafening:  TTTTHHHHUUUMMMPPPP!! WTF!!?? In today's edition of Straight Jive, we'll be discussing "switch pop" and the causes, sources, and solutions to the hassle of mechanical-bypass, often mis-marketed as true-bypass. Lets get things started by clarifying some of the mis-information and bullshit floating around out there regarding mechanical bypass systems.  I don't use the word "systems" lightly either.  Every bypass...

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