Expression Pedal, Jack Deville, Schematic -

Tap-Exp. Schematic

Want a Tap-Exp. pedal but cannot find one? Well you're in luck!

Below is the original factory Tap-Exp. schematic, now available for download, so that you can build your own Tap-Exp.!
Click the image below (or click HERE) for a full-size downloadable file.

witch is a Normally-Open Momentary Contact type.
-Designed for use with Mr. Black stereo effects pedals featuring our proprietary "TAP/EXP" input.
-We DO NOT have the resources to provide ANY further technical data, support or advice/input on the schematic below.
-Jack Deville LTD./Mr. Black pedals is not responsible for unpredictable/undesired behavior resulting from the use of this schematic.

This circuit and schematic is NOT licensed for commercial use.

Please give cred where cred is due and enjoy life!


Tap-Exp. Schematic


Play loud!!