Stereo Vintage Ensemble

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Modeled directly after the original Ensemble chorus, the Stereo Vintage Ensemble is a magical expansion of our coveted Vintage Ensemble, classic chorus/vibrato pedal, featuring a true-stereo audio path with both standard and spatial-expansion modes, accessible on the fly via the Normal/Stereo foot-switch.

The real magic lies within the Stereo mode, which applies a clever application of complimentary modulated delay times to both the left and right channels further increasing the stereo spread via the Haas effect.  You've never heard chorus like this before.

  • True-Stereo audio path
    • Left Input: chorus input with Dry pass-through
      (chorus output on both Left and Right Outputs)
    • Right Input: Dry pass-through only
  • Full Wet/Dry mix control
  • Carefully tuned delay times match those of the OG chorus circuit
  • ~68mA current draw (daisy-chain friendly)
  • 9VDC "industry standard" power
  • Easy expression-pedal connection/assignment
  • Compact footprint (4.7" x 3.7")


A standard expression pedal can be applied on-the-fly to any and all of the control knobs by simply turning the control to the red dot marker.

Expression pedal connection:
  • Tip - Wiper
  • Ring - High
  • Sleeve - Ground