Mr. Black

Shipping?  Like, with a ship?  Yeah.  Shipping with a ship.  Or just plain ol' shipping info.  The real deal holyfield.  Here's the low-down on the boogie-boo double-doo:

Orders are generally processed the same day they are received and ship out within 1 - 2 business days.  Sometimes, we can even get em out same day!

All orders are shipped via USPS (that's United States Postal Service) Priority Mail.  We cannot make exceptions at this time.

We will always send you an email notifying that your order has shipped, and it'll have tracking info as well.  :)
Sometimes, spam filters send them to the junk mail folder.  I wish I knew why.


How much does it cost?

The handy-dandy stuponotronic-shipping-table-calulatationer below can break it down for you in seconds flat.  Dig it:


Domestic Shipping (Inside the USA):


How many pedals? Shipping Charge Delivery Time Tracking?
1 - 2 Pedals $8.00 1 - 3 Business Days Yes
3 - 6 Pedals $15.00 1 - 3 Business Days Yes


As of 01.19.2016 we no longer ship internationally.  Please visit our Retailers page to find a retailer in or near your country.  If your local guitar shop doesn't carry Mr. Black, insist that they do!


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