Analog Chorus/Vibrato RI

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SOLD OUT 05.31.2024 3:53PM PST

It has taken four years to track down parts for this circuit, but we have finally secured parts, and we actually have them in-shop! As such, this May 2024 re-issue is limited to 52 pieces in total.

Designed from the ground up in late 2019, the Analog Chorus/Vibrato is an extremely high-performance, "100% analog" BBD (bucket-brigade device) chorus & pitch-vibrato pedal, boasting unmatched frequency response with striking clarity and headroom, especially for a BBD circuit. This pedal is also capable of running at up to 18VDC for even higher performance. This circuit sounds much more like a rack-chorus than it does a "chorus pedal" per se.

Fully capable of lush, watery, high-fidelity chorusing, true-pitch vibrato and absolutely wacky silly rubber-band stuff, these pedals are EXTREMELY time consuming to build and calibrate. The sound and tonal quality is unmatched, however.

These are tediously and individually built "race-cars" employing exclusively premium parts throughout. Each pedal requires meticulous assembly and delicate calibration, and it certainly shows in its performance.

There are four minor updates/changes to the 2024 Analog Chorus/Vibrato with respect to the original 2020 unit. These changes include/are:

  1. A real-time pulsing bi-color LED with diffusion bezel
    (Red in Bypass mode, Green in Effect mode)
  2. 11-segment indexes for the control knobs
  3. Glow-in-the-dark indicators on the control knobs.
  4. Genuine Hammond Enclosure

The pristine, high-fidelity, ultra-high-performance circuit remains exactly the same.

Production is VERY limited, and ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
We do not accept order cancellations on these custom units.
Please allow 3 - 8 day build time. (They take time)
We recommend shipping UPSP Priority Mail with full insurance for these special pedals.


  • 100% Pure-analog BBD modulation
  • 100% Analog signal path
  • 100% Analog oscillator
  • Very high headroom (18VDC capable for increased dynamic range)
  • Extremely high-fidelity frequency response:
    • Dry Freq. Response: 22KHz - 3.38Hz
    • Wet (BBD) Freq. Response: 11.2KHz - 16Hz
  • 1024-stage BBD
  • Real-time pulsing bi-color LED - NEW for 2024!
  • All-Premium internal components and hardware
  • Genuine Hammond Manufacturing enclosure - NEW for 2024!
  • Full Wet/Dry analog mix control
  • Wide LFO Range: 
    10.64Hz - 0.89Hz cycle (94mS - 1.12S cycle)
  • Designed for use in effects loops
    (works great straight into your favorite amp too)
  • True-Bypass

Tech Specs:

  • Input Impedance: 495KΩ
  • Output Impedance: ~2KΩ
  • Dry signal freq. response: 22KHz - 3.38Hz
  • BBD signal freq. response: 11.2KHZ - 16Hz
  • 9VDC - 18VDC "industry standard" 2.1mm negative center-pin power (no internal battery)
  • ~22mA draw @ 9VDC