Black LTD. Double Tracker

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Pioneered in the 1950's, a magical discovery was made... a radical, yet deceptively simple technique could (and did) elevate great recordings to downright incredible, enhancing the depth, character and tonality through a process called Double Tracking. This simple, yet elusive concept was initially executed by recording a track twice and overlaying the two [nearly] identical takes on top of each other.

Fast forward 70 years and we can now create "double-tracked" sounds in real-time, delivering the full, rich and complex intensity that was once only possible by employing slick studio tricks during a session!

Enter the Black LTD. Double Tracker.

Offering between 3ms - 122ms of latency (time delay) and the ability to augment the tuning of your second track by up to +/- ½ of a semi-tone the Black LTD. Double Tracker creates a natural and organic double of your guitar and then seamlessly integrates that second voice into your signal chain, and jeez does it sound good.

Three simple yet powerful controls allow you to quickly dial in the intensity, latency and variance of your second track. This smart approach instantly brings fullness, vitality, and character to your passage or song. It's almost like chorus, almost like slap-back, and yet at the same time: its neither of those effects. Its Double Tracking.

Powered by either an internal 9V battery (not included) or your choice of "industry standard" 9VDC pedal power, consuming approximately 59mA @ 9VDC, the Black LTD. Double Tracker is the secret-weapon you didn't know you were missing.

Jack Deville original design, limited run of 69 pieces. Nice.

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