Black LTD. Power Drive

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With its thick and round low-end, sweet highs and full, forward mids, the Black LTD. Power Drive is not just a catchy name, but perfectly suited as the Black LTD. Power Drive generates is thick, raunchy saturation by pushing an actual power-amplifier into overdrive!

Simple and intuitive Drive and Level controls deliver loads of output ranging from light to seriously-saturated overdrive, while a traditional Tone control tunes the top-end response from dark and brooding to crisp and present. At all but maximum drive settings (and even there too), the Black LTD. Power Drive gracefully cleans up via your guitar's volume control or by softening your pick attack, accentuating that feeling of connection between guitar and amplifier.

Hand-built with exclusively premium components, true-bypass switching and finished in our tough-as-nails Black LTD. powder-coat, the Black LTD. Power Drive not only looks like it means business, it delivers the goods. All while lightly sipping power from either an internal 9V battery (not included) or your choice of "industry standard" 9VDC pedal power, consuming only ~5mA @ 9VDC.

Jack Deville original design, limited run of 40 pieces.