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Purpose built to bring the heavies, the ThunerClaw is one mean, heavy and powerful distortion pedal, but cruelty doesn’t always exclude grace...

The ThunderClaw not only offers massive and aggressive gain, but it’s dynamic range is astounding and topologically, it is unlike any other distortion pedal available. No sir, this is no clone, nor even a derivative. This is: the ThunderClaw.

From its internal split-rail power-supply, to its fully active tone controls and potent active output volume, the ThunderClaw redefines the feel and response of a compact distortion pedal.

Four simple controls react just as you’d hope them to, and the carefully tuned active tone controls offer both boost and cut of select treble and bass frequencies. Speaking of bass, the name ThunderClaw is sure apt for the low-end the pedal is capable of generating, doling out heaps of clear and powerful grunt, while never getting flubby or farty. Its active treble circuit slices through near any dense mix and can just as easily be softened such that the razor’s edge is never felt. The distortion is clear, articulate and responsive, and as a result of clever engineering, the ThunderClaw can clean up at any place in the effects chain simply by reducing the volume entering its powerful circuit.

When people ask what the ThunderClaw sounds like, we say: “like a pressure washer spraying napalm.” Its mean, aggressive and graceful. Oh yes. The ThunderClaw does it.

Manual and Specs below:

Basic Features:

  • Highly dynamic, aggressive, and responsive high-gain distortion
  • 100% pure-analog, high-headroom signal path
  • Active Treble & Bass controls (boost/cut controls)
  • Active Volume control delivers constant and stable, low-impedance output
  • Internal split-rail power supply for incredible dynamic content and detail
    (+/- 9V internal split-rail operation)

Basic Tech Specs:

  • Input Impedance: ~480KΩ
  • Output Impedance: ~1KΩ
  • True-Bypass
  • 9VDC 2.1mm negative center-pin power
  • ~27mA Current Draw

In the Year of the Claw - Drop Db (0:44)
(75% gain, clean amp)

Last Journey - B standard (1:14)
(max gain, clean amp)

Thunder Trick - Bass (0:38)
(20% gain, clean amp)


Manual (36K)