Mr. Black

Bearded fuzz-pedal enthusiast Justin Brown moved to Portland, OR over a decade ago to bask in and contribute to the city's music scene. Today, he is one of two bassists in the doom band Lamprey, co-owner of local label Captain Couch Records, and organizer of the annual heavy-music festival Ceremony of Sludge.

Justin is currently studying Ecology, and is a student intern with the Port of Portland where one of his main duties is releasing red-tailed hawks into the wild. He has also been a pedal builder for Jack Deville Electronics. 

In July of this year Justin was diagnosed with testicular cancer. As a student, he is without health insurance and the medical bills continue to pile up.

Mr. Black wants to help our friend Mr. Brown.  100% of the proceeds from your purchase of the special edition Eterna pedal go directly to providing Justin with life-saving treatment, so that he and his wife, Ellie, can continue to enjoy backpacking, going to metal shows, biking around Portland, and of course stomping on fuzz boxes.

Buy a pedal.  Save a life.  Rock the fuck out.



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